The FDA’s Guidance on Adaptive Design is Clear.

Access the relevant research to see how machine learning and AI technology supports the FDA guidance on well-established fundamental statistical theories.

Optimizing Trial Design: Sequential, Adaptive, and Enrichment Strategies

Cyrus Mehta, Ping Gao, Deepak L. Bhatt, Robert A. Harrington, Simona Skerjanec and James H. Ware

Adaptive Designs for Noninferiority Trials

Ping Gao, Lingyun Liu, and Cyrus Mehta

Adaptive Sequential Testing for Multiple Comparisons

Ping Gao, Lingyun Liub & Cyrus Mehta

Sample Size Re-Estimation for Adaptive Sequential Design in Clinical Trials

Ping Gao, James H. Ware, and Cyrus Mehta

Population Enrichment Designs: Case Study of a Large Multinational Trial

Cyrus R. Mehta, Ping Gao

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