Mobile Apps 

  • Mobile CRS (mCRS): With the same login credential as the browser-based EDC, the mCRS enables investigator to review, enroll and randomize patients on mobile. Users can also perform emergency unblinding on mobile.
  • Mobile-CRA (mCRA): mCRA is designed for site monitor to access study progress, status reports, and AE summary with detail. The app also allows monitors to perform SDV, take pictures of the source data and upload to specific data fields for a patient.
  • Mobile Diary (mDiary): mDiary is designed for patients to complete diary questions on mobile. The data will be transmitted directly to CIMS. The app can also set alarm to remind patients the time to complete diary and/or take medication.
  • Mobile EDC (mEDC): mEDC is a simplified version of EDC for capturing data on mobile. This is useful for on-the-go data capturing such as in operating rooms or with patients wearing devices.
  • Mobile Coder (mCoder): This is a user-friendly handhold app for medical coding.
  • Patient Pocket Portal (mPPP) and Doctor Pocket Portal (mDPP): mPPP is designed for patient to view their key health information, schedule appointment and request for refill, etc.