Clinical Trial Management System

Our CTMS provides a single, centralized platform to orchestrate operational and administrative activities for clinical studies. It features easy setup for study startup, site/user management, screening criteria (inclusion and exclusion), visit alerts, milestone alerts, email delivery system, monitoring plans matrix reports, etc.

Study Startup:

  • Investigator, site selection and management
  • Investigator and site assessments
  • User role management and access control

Study Management

  • Milestone and recruitment tracking
  • Email notification for any study related events
  • Drug shipment tracking and supplies management
  • Subject, visit, CRFs and query tracking
  • Monitoring visit plan, SDV tracking and reports
  • Subject exemptions and deviations tracking
  • SAE tracking alerts and notifications, including CIO reporting
  • Study documents management
  • Study progress tracking and Status reports

The next-generation CIMS eClinical Suite has already powered more than 250 studies.

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