A Modern eClinical Suite for
Tomorrow’s Digital Era

Accelerate Your Research with a Fully Integrated & Customizable Platform

A Complete EDC / eClinical Solution Unlike Any Other on the Market

The CIMSTM eClinical Suite is a cloud-based, fully-validated 21CFR11 compliant intelligent platform that enables users to intuitively manage the complexities of clinical trials by sharing consistent trial data across the entire trial process.

This allows the sponsor to seamlessly manage trial processes, effectively deploy critical resources, proactively address performance issues and streamline operational workflows.

Access comprehensive EDC modules connected to smart mobile apps to streamline the clinical trial process from study setup to regulatory submission.

How CIMS eClinical Can Accelerate Your Research


  • Bring biostatistics and data management in-house with the full support of our suite and team
  • Build databases and eCRFs with point and click
  • Increase remote monitoring to reduce CRA cost
  • Add FDA access to eliminate site inspections
  • Eliminate the need for separate EDC, drug supply and document management systems
  • Have real-time access to study progress via our integrated mobile app


  • Gain full visibility of your study details – # of patients enrolled, progress, SAEs – right from your mobile device
  • Reduce your EDC study cost
  • Eliminate the need for separate FDA reporting
  • Have more cost-effective option as compared to the expensive market leaders

Post-marketing Studies

  • Replace your expensive, high-end system for your post marketing study
  • Easily collect data with our fully-integrated mobile system
  • Complete a quick study within budget

Investigator Initiated Studies

  • Use as an alternative to expensive CRO-managed studies
  • Have a single platform for your eTMF, document management, EDC and drug supply
  • Have peace of mind with the full support of our team

University Research

  • Switch from Redcat to a fully validated, 21CFR11 compliant intelligent platform for your study
  • Eliminate the need to hire a CRO
  • Accelerate your research

The full eClinical era is almost upon us, but there’s no need to wait. CIMS can accelerate your research and reduce your costs … today! We’ll be by your side throughout your study, providing technical assistance, helpdesk and training to support your clinical program.

Learn more about the next-generation eClinical platform that has already powered over 250 studies. Or check out the individual modules:

CIMS eClinical features:

  • Easy eCRF Database Build and Study Setup: This user-friendly software allows eCRF design without knowledge of computer programming language. Only minimal training is needed to start building eCRFs. You can setup a study online within a couple of weeks.
  • Managing Multiple Projects: Allows management of multiple projects on a single dashboard and to switch between studies or user roles without repeated log-in process.
  • Intelligent Status Display: Complicated data status for data entry, data query and SDV are displayed with a single Smart Icon®.
  • Variety of Trial Designs: The Central Randomization System (CRS™, IWRS) and the Study Supply Module (SSM™) support any type of trial design: parallel, crossover, dynamic and adaptive, etc.
  • All-On-Mobile: Through our mobile-EDC, you can enter and view subject data, randomize subjects, monitor and manage project, sites, and patients.
  • Submission-Ready Standard: Data can easily be extracted in CDISC SDTM format along with FDA required annotated CRF and define.xml.
  • mPRO: Fully integrated mobile apps can capture patient’s diary and study data directly into the EDC system.
  • eSTAT: Simple statistical tasks, such as TFLs and setting up patient profiles can be done in a few steps without using a statistician
  • eTMF: The integrated eTMF allows for automatic compilation of study documents.
  • eSafety: Features comprehensive SAE management within CIMS with automatic SAE email notification and populating of data for Concomitant Medications, Medical History and Laboratory results into the SAE reports. This feature eliminates conventional SAE reconciliation.
  • eIRB: The integrated IRB provides an “e-Office” for the IRB to review, meet, and approve study protocol and documents.