DDM at JSM 2019

Dr. Tai Xie Discusses DDM at JSM

CIMS Global CEO Dr. Tai Xie presented the concept of DDMDynamic Data Monitoring – at the JSM conference in Denver, Colorado on July 27, 2019.

DDM is an innovative design that combines Dynamic Adaptive Design (DAD) with a data-guided analysis for timing the SSR. The DDM process covers:

  • Continuously monitoring on-going data
  • Data-guided adaptation
  • Using the trend analysis to detect whether the trial is “promising” or “hopeless”
  • Controlling the Type I error rate
  • Furnishing inference for final analysis

DDM Use Cases

CIMS Global has developed a Dynamic Adaptive Design and DDM ecosystem that has the potential to dramatically change the way that clinical trials are conducted.

DDM improves upon both Group Sequential Design (GSD) and Adaptive Sequential Design (ASD) because it is more efficient than ASD and has broader applications:

  • Sample size re-estimation
  • Trial optimization
  • Early termination of “hopeless” trials
  • Projection of “promising” trials
  • Drug safety signal detection
  • Dose/therapy selection
  • Population selection and enrichment
  • Real World Evidence studies

DDM Examples

Here is an example of applying DDM to a real study that was successful. This was a multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-control phase II study with an oral drug treating older patients with nocturia.

ddm applied to successful studyHere is an example of applying DDM to a real study that failed. This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, exploratory phase IIa study to assess the safety and efficacy of oral drug in NAFLD patients. N=96 and the study took 2 years to finish.

ddm applied to unsuccessful study

JSM DDM Presentation Deck

Here is Dr. Xie’s presentation deck for download.

ddm by tai xie jsm 2019

About CIMS Global

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